The BOOK of HUMANITY ! frequently asked questions.
Svetlana Barbe

  • Q: Is 1Mb RAM really forever for $0.99US??

    A: Yes, you can upload 1048576 Byte (8388608 bit) to eternal storage for only $0.99US + Bank's fee $0.35US - totaly $1.34US for not-dedicated personal page in the HUMANITY BOOK (HUMANITYBOOK.COM(R)) - originally created for endless storing... (1 Mb - about 6-50 Photos + 5-100 a big or small Text A4 files - totaly: 1-150 files in the Level 1 storage (we also have the Level 10, Level 100, Level 1000 & the Level 10000-with restrict, f.e. in the 1500000 files and priced at 9999.99 USD).

  • Q: Will my files be removed?

    A: No! Neither you, nor we, nor the President of the United States of America or Putin, or United Nations or terrorists can delete your files! Never!

  • Q: How many files can I upload?

    A: You can upload as many files as you have digital space on your paid plan storing your files, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and the maximum file upload size.

  • Q: Which files types am I allowed to upload?

    A: You may upload in the paid accounts more than 400 types of files, but in FREE mode only the JPG and TXT. Thank you for understanding!

  • Q: Are there any restrictions to the size of my uploaded files?

    A: Each file you upload must be less than 256.00 KB in size for free/non accounts or less than 1.00 MB - 10.00 MB - 1 GB - 4 GB in size for premium accounts. If it is greater than that amount, your file will be rejected.

  • Q: Can I upload music or videos?

    A: Yes. In premium accounts Music and video hosting is permitted as long as you own the copyright on the content and it adheres to the terms and conditions.

  • Q: There are some files on my page that i want to protect, how can I do this?

    A: Please use the ability to create a password for a file or folder inside the interface of your page. Just remember - if you forget or lose your password, no one can recover it !!! Be careful with passwords. Duplicate saving them!

  • Keep and manage all the basic files of the history of your life and please be more persistent, wiser and bolder in this matter! Everything is just beginning!

    The LIFE'S RAM part of the HUMANITYBOOK.COM® is intended for all and for each who is trying to save especially important and interesting personal files for as long as possible. For example, from 200 years to the 50,000 and more! This is the main mission of this world's first SSS Platform supporting almost five hundred different file extensions! After reaching one million users, we will bring to the market our WE REMAIN® kits with collectors, stabilizer, cartridges and sarcophagi for collecting and storing analog parts of our complete Master-Codes. We developed them for almost 20 years and reduced the price of them by 6,000 times. Register, save the main information about yourself and all that matters is that you created yourself and with which you will remain in the history of the world. Do not forget about parents and the elderly. About beloved. And please wait! Due to the 2020 crisis, we accelerated our entry into the market, which we planned to implement only in 2025!

  • Share your files with everyone and for the all times! Forever! Historians, community organizations, investigators and, most importantly, our new future parents from the world of a "Many-times Peoples/Many-timers" - will not miss anything !!! Retaliation and reward will finally be inevitable if each of us tells the truth in the Book of Humanity - THE ONLY ONE PLATFORM OF THE TRUTH IN THE WORLD OF "One-time Peoples/One-timers"!

    At the first stage of saving your essence - We supply you with all the tools necessary to easily share your files. Place your files either as private (you have the option to close any of your files with a password that you leave as a -legacy- to your trustees) or public - the main thing is that they are only the most important, interesting, beautiful and worthy for people and history files! We will help people from hundreds of countries of the world to keep for ever in the history of the humanity! We will save forever not only any personal material published in the Book of Humanity exclusively on their own, responsible and personalized free will and at their own expense, but also the complete, untouched natural genomes of everyone who becomes a user of the BOOK OF HUMANITY platform! And for all those who themselves will be acquire a personal (dedicated) page - we will provide WE REMAIN® kits, PTFE MASTER-CODE® cartridges and AISI 316 DEEP SLEEP® sarcophagi - for FREE! This business was created not for making money - but for the mass salvation of unique people! And to start a completely new life on Earth and in the Cosmos! Join now!

  • You are unjustifiably offended, deceived, robbed, insulted, raped, bullied - then you... write a short *.txt file, and you are lightfully saving it in the Book of Humanity - remembering that it will be impossible to remove it. And that sooner or later people will read it! For this we create the fast and instant uploading and downloading SSD RAID-0 System in the heart of a Data Center in the middle of the USA plus copies in all the largest and backbone Data Center of the World (and 5 every day on HDD on 5 Continents)!

    Our premium members benefit from no waiting time and direct downloads for all of their files. Unlike other file hosts we don't limit the transfer speed of our downloads.
    The standard package of files in one MB allows you to save together about 10 images and 10 large text files. Years of research have shown that this amount of information will be enough for 90% of people !!! For 10% of those who create a large amount of information, we have created packages in 10 MB - 100 MB - 1 GB and 10 GB. Allowing you to save, for example, not only storyboards and scripts of films, not only notes of musical works, not only thumbnails of paintings, but also the paintings themselves, musical works in full audio or video files, directly films. For people who require more than 10 GB of storage from the BOOK OF HUMANITY, we are developing a special free art repository so as not to overload a personal (dedicated) page and make its backups problematic or impossible in the future.

  • Safe and Secure. You can close any file and any folder with a password. You can ...send a link to this file or folder to any person or organization and give them a password to it. Only these people will see your file.

    Safely store and backup all your essential files. From family photos & videos to important documents (including secret ones if you are a scout, politician or even a terrorist (let all the Gods of the world forgive you, but we will give to you and to all bad people of the world (to a murderers, criminals, thieves and so on)) the opportunity to save the real truth for history - only please do not forget to transfer the password to your Memoirs to at least someone at the time of your death or before) ... So . .. You can rely on us to store all your media securely and forever Save forever in the humanity history the file\files (text, drawing, audio, photo, etc.) you own and which is worth being saved forever - for the price from 0.99USD for minimal package ! If all peoples of the Earth and its colonies will be keep their files endlessly, we guarantee you hundreds of thousands and millions of years of storage and access to them !!! People of the future will guarantee the preservation of your heritage! We will only start the run of this wheel. Wheel of the Book of Humanity! Forever - will be means - forever! Expect IPO of the HUMANITYBOOK, Inc., SF, CA, USA. Become the shareholders of eternity! Let's keep an honest history of our world - all together! Removing the "DELETE" button from the platform interface, we will change our world so that no one in the future changes it or rewrites history! No winners! No losers! This change will be the best of all that people have created over the past 4000 years! Join now! Save your little truth in a small text file - forever! For $ 1.00US !!! Tell about yourself in 10 pictures or photo collages, and in 10 text files capable of leaving hundreds or thousands of pages of your stories in your history about yourself, about the world and its history. For $ 1.00US !! Only then, in the future, fair retribution will overtake everyone who lived at your expense or at the expense of civil society! Support the best platform in the world! Return Faith, Hope, Love to the world and its people!