The BOOK of HUMANITY ! frequently asked questions.
Svetlana Barbe

  • Q: Who are your users?

    A: Since the files are not public (with the exception of those that users specifically design as public), we believe that after several years of setting up the platform, all inhabitants of the planet 6+ will become our users.)

  • Q: Who owns the Trademarks?

    A: 14 Trademarks owned by GENERAL DNA Corporation for this reason, this corporation does not conduct mass operations and does not engage in production.

  • Q: A few words about Replone, Inc., if possible ..

    A: Of course. ~REPLONE(C) - from the En ~Replay, ~One.. Ok.. So. This corporation has received an exclusive license from the holder of Trademarks for 49 years. So until 2069 it is this corporation that will be the manufacturer of all digital products and the manufacturer of systems for collecting, stabilization and thermofluctuation storage of the analog part of our full Master-Codes(R).

  • Q: How many private shares are issued?

    A: 75,000,000 from General DNA, Inc. and 1,000,000,000 (one billion) from Replone, Inc.

  • Q: Do you have a commercial offer for private investors?

    A: Private investors are the future beneficiaries of all IPO results.
    Here is our General DNA, Inc., Shares distribution:
    51% - The Barbe family - investors who spent on this project over 20 years and many millions of their private funds, ideologists of the platform. Igor Barbe - ideologist of the new practical philosophy "ANTHROPOSAVEISM", Author of the Big Book "THE FINAL MODEL" ...
    3% - Administration
    10% - an international team of programmers
    10% - an international team of owners of Data Centers
    26% - for sale to other private investors

    And REPLONE Corporation:
    51% - Barbe Family
    3% - Administration
    20% - Production enterprises
    26% - for sale to other private investors

  • Q: What about the price of the Shares?

    A: Approximately 26 packages of 1% at a price of 500,000 USD per package in 2020 + year.

  • Q: What about IPO?

    A: IPO is a very important step. All we do is do honestly and in good faith. From 2010 and 2015, corporations have a transparent financial history. Corporations will enter an IPO when they manage to find out the price with sufficient accuracy.

  • Q: Do you have any special contacts for investors?

    A: SMS:
    +1 707 2347471 USA
    +44 744 1399992 GB
    +7 916 1700707 RF

    We respond within 10 business days. Thank you for understanding and clarity of the texts of your proposals. There is a system of discounts for the purchase of several packages at once. We don\’t “run around with tongues sticking out in search of partners” ... We choose and we prefer experienced businessmen from Silicon Valley who understand that the “BOOK of HUMANITY” may turn out to be not only the first SSS platform in the world, but also the largest IT the platform of the whole future world - worth hundreds of billions of dollars!