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ИллюстрацияMy wife has already collected 85,000 digital photographs and documents. I suggested that she leave any 12 of them on her personal page in the Book of Humanity. She managed to select only 8 so far. It turned out to be unexpectedly complicated and incredibly responsible! In the end, it's really forever! This is like a monument! What about your files? Training with us is free! Try it - pay your honestly earned one dollar only if you love the platform or both the platform and yourself! Do not forget about parents!

President of the General DNA, Inc., and Replone, Inc., SF, CA, USA.,Igor J. Barbé.

Very Important Postscript: In the starting photo we can see a 12-year-old Russian girl from the outback was born around 1898. She is an almost complete copy of my wife Svetlana. The finding of this photo was another one, besides incredible love, the impetus for the idea of preserving Svetlana's full analog-digital Master-code®. And for the developing of the absolutly New practical Philosophy of a fantastic, but the realy possible Many-times life© of each people who as minimum will want live again and again with ever-repeating Love! (Sorry for this juicy frankness :) but compared to this task - money and power have ceased to cost for us at least something ...) This work has been ongoing since 2002. In the second photo, Svetlana herself was 19 and 32 years old. In 2020, she was 39 and she gave birth to us three incredible sons. Be Blessed Life!® And The Humanitybook.com® Platform! Without which we all cannot make this world a better place! Let's all together - make this world a better place!

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These 4 photos occupy only 88Kb - according to our futurological estimates, people of the future will need this particular format 300x333px, *.jpg - In our standard eternal storage worth $0.99US you can save 40-50 such photos and add 100 pages of A4 texts to them in the *.txt format.
It's very important to have a perfect compression and give the perfect file name. For many thousands of years, our search engine (which will be built into every stationary and mobile media device in the world) will find you only by the information that you specify in the name of each file. We recommend thinking through the name in advance. We reserve to our users the opportunity to change the name in any time. We recommend using: Your own name.. Year of birth.. Country.. Year of creation.. The essence of the content.. We consider this information in the file name - the necessary! On the personal page of a person in the Book of Humanity in the Paid $0.99US LEVEL 1 - we do not recommend saving photos of relatives - parents, children, brothers and sisters, acquaintances. But in text files there should be links to their personal pages in the BOOK OF HUMANITY. Here are the sample images. Press to look. Study. Please - Register FREE ACCOUNT! And Learn the interface of HUMANITYBOOK.COM® Platform.
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